The OMAX 80X Waterjet

Sieber’s OMAX 80X Series Precision Jetmachining Center offers the highest level of accuracy available while providing an ample cutting envelope of 68” x 161”. The powerful and efficient EnduroMAX pump can cut steel up to 9” thick yet still provides linear positional accuracy of ±0.0010”. When precision is required, our OMAX waterjet can deliver.

Why Our Waterjet?

The A-Jet 5-axis cutting head is a software-controlled multi-axis cutting head that greatly expands the versatility of our waterjet table. We can cut bevels up to 60°  with 360° rotation. We can utilize the automatic taper control to compensate for the taper that all waterjet streams create, providing the straightest edge possible. The Intelli-CAM software allows us to import complex 3D parts from SolidWorks to improve the efficiency in the designing phase.
Our OMAX 80X is also equipped with the Terrain Follower. This allows the cutting head to follow the contours of irregular or warped material. It can compensate for 12” of vertical ‘Z-Axis’ travel without the need for additional programming.