Working in the Pharmaceutical Industry means being able to meet the FDA’s stringent requirements for cleanliness. When it comes to metal, the smoother the surface, the easier it is to keep clean. With the ability to mechanically polish down to less than 10 Ra (roughness average), you’ll be confident in our quality of work. We’ll also provide you with Surface Profile reports using our calibrated profilometers to verity the surface Ra.  


When repairs are done to a vessel or high purity piping, it’s important to restore the surface to a clean, smooth surface. With Sieber, there’s no need to hire a separate electropolishing contractor after we’ve completed our repairs. We have our own in-house procedures and equipment to perform onsite electropolishing. Whether you need to electropolish a small repair or de-rouge an entire vessel, Sieber can help.


Stainless steel Is naturally resistant to corrosion. But impurities in the metals can lead to premature failures. Passivation can help prolong the corrosive resistance of stainless steel by removing the free-irons and creating an inert or ‘passive’ layer of chromium oxide on the surface. This passive layer is what provides the protection. Sieber has in-house procedures for performing onsite passivation or repairs and can provide reports on the passive layer with our Koslow testing equipment.