Sieber is a certified full-service industrial fabrication facility with extensive forming and welding capabilities. We specialize in engineering, fabrication, welding, and polishing of all ASME certified pressure vessels, tanks, heat exchangers, and power and process piping. These can be for a variety of industrial applications, including the pharmaceutical and food grade industries. Sieber is also NBBI certified for the repair and alteration of code pressure vessels currently in service. We also offer custom designs requiring element analysis, thermal or mechanical capabilities. We fabricate pressure vessels and tanks using a wide spectrum of materials, from the standard carbon and stainless steels to the more exotic metals including nickel, copper, titanium, Inconel®, Monel®, and other duplex stainless alloys.



Everything from tank fabrication to large scale industrial platforming. If you need it fabricated, we can build it

We have the cleanest fabrication around, thus high-purity piping and tank fabrication is our specialty


From simple spot inspections to fluorescent penetrant testing, we can tell you any problems you may have, or run into in the future

With 9 inches of depth and 5 axes of angle, there isn't a thing we can't cut with our powerful waterjet